Monday, 18 July 2011


So yes I know it’s been around for a while now, and someone even died doing it in Australia but planking has recently blown up big time with loads of celebs and footballers etc getting in on the act!

I’ve seen A LOT of good efforts put on as BBM pic’s which unfortunately I won’t be sharing on here, things like planking between overhead compartments in planes! but I will share some I have seen that have been in the public domain!!

Would love to see what else people of done to take it to the next level, although please keep it safe, such a waste of a life to die doing this!!

A few of the Man City ones first as they are top draw, they did hit the papers last week.
SWP doing a car plank...genius!
Micah Richards responding with an oven plank....I hope it wasn’t turned on!
Maria Fowler late night smart car plank....Hilarious!!!!!!
My best mate Dave planking in my friend Lauren’s house...she was getting changed had no idea what we were upto ;) ha

Me on Laurens tv stand....lack of room here led to the poor tekkers..and seriously thought the cabinet was going to smash haha
Me on the new table ha!

Later that night me and Maria double plank.....

And it also hit the papers on the Sunday (Sunday Star) ;)

Is Planking here to stay!? I don’t know.....but the latest craze is Owling...Its sitting like an’s Maria showing what I mean

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