Monday, 18 July 2011


So yes I know it’s been around for a while now, and someone even died doing it in Australia but planking has recently blown up big time with loads of celebs and footballers etc getting in on the act!

I’ve seen A LOT of good efforts put on as BBM pic’s which unfortunately I won’t be sharing on here, things like planking between overhead compartments in planes! but I will share some I have seen that have been in the public domain!!

Would love to see what else people of done to take it to the next level, although please keep it safe, such a waste of a life to die doing this!!

A few of the Man City ones first as they are top draw, they did hit the papers last week.
SWP doing a car plank...genius!
Micah Richards responding with an oven plank....I hope it wasn’t turned on!
Maria Fowler late night smart car plank....Hilarious!!!!!!
My best mate Dave planking in my friend Lauren’s house...she was getting changed had no idea what we were upto ;) ha

Me on Laurens tv stand....lack of room here led to the poor tekkers..and seriously thought the cabinet was going to smash haha
Me on the new table ha!

Later that night me and Maria double plank.....

And it also hit the papers on the Sunday (Sunday Star) ;)

Is Planking here to stay!? I don’t know.....but the latest craze is Owling...Its sitting like an’s Maria showing what I mean

Monday, 11 July 2011


I’m not sure I know anyone who dislikes Nando’s. I did recently find someone who had never been but we sorted that out ASAP after I realised!! I love a good Nando’s....especially after a night out it sorts me right out! For me it’s all about 5 extra hot wings really well done with Peri Peri fries. I NEVER change what I have, I am definitely a creature of habit, although I’ve been known to have the whole free chicken once my cards been stamped up!

Nando’s also do the legendary Black card! If you haven’t heard of these holding one entitles you to FREE Nando’s, I believe for up to 5 people, at any one time...HEAVEN! I know someone who has a Nando’s black card although I won’t name names! I have tried the blag and Nando’s as yet have not given me one, but I will keep trying!!! Nando’s if your reading this please contact me asap ;) haha! Rumoured holders include David Beckham, Chipmunk and people of that kind of stature, clearly I don’t measure up here BUT I am usually pretty good at the blag so let’s see how it pans out!

Anyways I now need a Nando’s haha J PS. Guys who eat Nando’s with a knife and fork does my head it....Men should eat chicken with their hands!!

My FAV meal in the world!!!! If your wandering why there’s a newspaper there, like I said creature of habit, I always read the paper when eating Nando’s regularly being called unsociable by my mates, not that I care!!!
For more information on Nando's check out

Great weekend for the Beckham’s & what I got up to!

What a great weekend it turned out to be for the Beckham’s. David started it all off by scoring the winner directly from a corner kick for his LA Galaxy team in a 2-1 win against Chicago Fire. He had already set-up Landon Donavan’s opener for the Galaxy in a dominating performance, his first start a month since returning from injury! You can see the goal here Well done Sir Becks!

To cap it all off Victoria then gave birth to a baby girl finally giving them the daughter we all know they craved.....will this now be the end of the babies!? They have called her Harper Seven, is a very interesting and unusual name, but then did we expect anything else. I think the Seven must be a reference to Beck’s love for the number, however I do find it pretty strange to give it to a girl! What do you all think of the name? It’s definitely going to be a talking point I can already hear the ladies in the office discussing it! I do think that David can get away with pretty much anything though!

Big Congrats to the David, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and the rest of the Beckham’s family...JoJo etc!

On a personal note my weekend was all done in Birmingham for a v.good friend of mines stag do. Sam had a wicked stag plenty of drinking involved and paintballing to. It’s the first time I have ever done paintballing and I have to say it was quality! We went to one of Delta Force’s locations and I highly recommend them if you’re looking to do some paintballing! Also managed to meet up with my pals Curtis and Amii late night Saturday in Mechu...might post some pics later but here’s one Amii took.

Chick at the back, Leanne, me and Amii.

Friday, 8 July 2011 of the LOVE's of my life! :)

Back in 2005 when the rage was all Nokia I had quite a nice little phone setup. I was probably a little obsessed though! The Nokia 8800 Sirocco was my choice In 18 Carot-Gold and Black! I loved the look and feel of them, however they ALWAYS broke!! It absolutely did my head in but I loved the handset so much I didn't want anything else......But then came 2006 I had a Blackberry device for work a proper OLDSKOOL one......

.....It was pretty large the screen wasn't even in colour! It looked exactly the same as the one below but without the colour screen. Now all you people who have a BB now and have the scroll ball in the middle or the touchpad, this one had none of that! It had a scroll on the side.....Vaz (@vaz03) and Mo Samba (@mosamba) will remember, I swear we were the originators back in the day haha! The good old days with only 2 contacts on bbm! Wow how its changed hey! Anyways I was starting to realise, Hey these BB's are alright, So in 2006 I purchased a Pearl (In the pic above with the Nokias) and that was it the addition changed!!

I was caught up in the BB world straight away even with all the niggly faults (you all know what I mean) it remains my handset of choice! I will NEVER change it for an iPhone! To me there is only one choice and thats a BB!

As you can see by 2008 / 09 the addiciton had really caught on! I just HAD to have the latest model no mater what I would harass o2 until they sent me it...they always did!!! The top Pearl on the right, the blue one, is actually still my legendary "Drunk Pin" BB (if you don't know i'll explain when I see you!).

Now a days I only use 1 Blackberry at a time and I currently have one of these....The BB 9780 White. Must say I prefer the scroll ball in the middle but I am getting used to the touch pad. I rarely have issues with the new BB's since they have massively increased the base memory so thats a HUGE plus for us all!

I have held the new BB Playbook (Tablet) and had a play around with it whilst I was in the states back in May and its pretty cool. The iPad is as well. Not had enough time to really decide which is the best, the Playbook is pretty small though but does run multiple apps and has flash! Anyway Tablet pc's are not really my thing so I shall leave that to others.

But here's hoping BB's stay around for years to come!! More info can be found at

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Tresor Paris

One of the latest fashion trends comes from Tresor Paris. Their bracelets are great! I own 2 the white and granite ones. They can be seen on loads of celebs and were definately out in force recently in Marbella over the summer season.

From Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton, to most of the cast of TOWIE. Craig David, The Saturdays, JLS, movie star Gerard Butler, Katie Price and a host of top footballers to name a few! Definately one of the MUST items to have this year! I even met one Baller in marbs who seemed to have a different one for every day of the week!! haha!

Check out the pics below...available from they have plenty of UK stockists as well....and the best part is they are not as expensive as you would think! The pic's don't do them justice...they really do BLING ;) I love them! ps...They do ladies to!!!

 Me in my fav state...beamin :) sporting 2 Tresors.

I have got my Tresors on here but Junior's (@DJBluey) Blue Tresors looking SICK!

The National Reality TV Awards!

Last night was the 1st annual National Reality TV Awards. It was in aid of Help for Heroes and held at the O2. People can say what they want about Reality TV however its DEFINATELY here to stay. It creates HIT shows, buzz and a new-wave of celebrity!! I hear the constant moans at work from people about reality TV and yet they seem to know more about the shows than me...they much watch it! Big Brother really started the trend and it’s just gone from strength to strength.

Last night’s awards were in aid of a great cause as well which always helps. I want to mention a few of the winners. The Apprentice – Best Business Show, Best Reality Competition Show, Best Reality TV Judge (Karen Brady...oh how I DISAGREE with this!), Celebrity Personality of the Year (Peter Jones).
The Wright Stuff – Best Talk Show.
Snog, Marry, Avoid - Best Self Improvement / Makeover show.

The BIG winners on the night in some of the most prestigious categories was.....The Only Way is Essex. 2 of my good friends were present along with other cast members to collect the awards! Very proud of them and a special mention to Maria Fowler and Lauren Pope...well done girls!!!
TOWIE took home Best Non-Competition Show, Best Entertainment Show and Reality Personality of the Year (Amy Childs).

On another TOWIE note Maria was quick to kill rumours that she won’t return in series 3 as she took to her twitter to confirm SHE WILL! And I’ve spoken to Lauren who’s also confirmed she is definitely in series 3 as well...Can’t wait for it to hit our screens!!! We all love a bit of Essex!.

A few of the pics from last night!

The crew collecting an award :)

Lauren Pope 

Maria Fowler

Bianca Gascoigne

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A few blogs I read which you should DEFO check out!

1st up my man Warren's Arora PR Happenin garms, the latest on the BIG parties and all the goin's on in Warren's world! Warren runs alot in the party world and defo knows the places to be seen! Check it out at

I also reguarly read 2 friends blogs that teach me all about Fashion :) To be fair these are more for you girls to check out but DEFO check out Emily and Sarah's Fasion blogs for the latest styles and tips!

You can find them at : and

Make sure you tell them Nad sent ya!!! :)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Recent holidays

I LOVE to travel and definately had a mad 2 months. It all started by flying San Francisco with 2 of my best mates. We then drove down to LA, San Diego, Big Bear then the amazing drive down the mountions and onto Las Vegas. I have also been lucky enough to go to Marbella twice, May Bank Holiday for a 2 WILD nights and again at the end of June for 5. Marbs May Bank Holiday was rammed with the buzz of TOWIE and the whole TOWIE gang in full force! Got have a HUGE shout out to all my amazing friends that have really made the holidays what they were!! LOVE you all.

America is now officially the best place in the world! Fell in love with it even if it did get stopped at security on arrival for a while! LOL! From the Culture of cities like San Fran and San Diego to the absolute CRAZY times LA and Vegas provide! What a country!!!

Here are a few of the pics!

The Standard Hotel, LA, this is were we stayed, the Rooftop bar and pool is legendary and has appeared in Entourage as well! 

Club XS in Vegas..WOW! Best nightclub in the world for me!!

Urth Cafe, LA, Entourage fav hangout ;)

I went to the LA Lakers 1st Play-off game V Dallas....There was a shoutout to English Legend Becks at the game to! 

Bumped into Freddie Roach with my mate Miller pre-fight to Manny V Mosely.

Main reception area at Caesars Palace, Vegas...Hangover 1! We stayed at the Mandalay bay though.

Champagne Spray May bank holiday sunday 2011

Half way through May 2011 Champs spray..the empty bottles! WOW! Apparently they took 1 million Euros that day!

Katie Price's fella Leandro and Kirk Norcross smashing up the bongos in TIBU Marbs after Champs Spray!

Me and Joey Essex at Champs Spray

Simo, Callum and Me at Champs Spray May 2011.

Anara, Me and Lauren at Champs Spray May 2011.

Most of us at Champs Spray JUNE 2011....another mental day!!

All in all a MAD 2 months, even fitted in 2 trips to Essex inbetween!

1st Blog post!! Entourage returns to our screens THIS MONTH!!!!

My all time FAVOURITE show Entourage (HBO) returns soon with the latest, but final, season premiering on July 24th in USA on HBO. Why it's the final season I will never know, the show has a huge CULT following! I can't wait to see how they wrap the show up. It was rumoured to be only a 6 episode season (Previous seasons have been between 10-20ish eps) however they have been shooting for around 3 months so I hope its going to be at least 10!

The last day on set was last week and Adrian Grenier (Vinny Chase) posted plenty of pics on his twitter and personal website. Here is one along side Jeremy Piven (Ari) and Kevin Connolly (E).

I recently visted LA and managed to hang out at a few of the Entourage sites :) ....unfortunately didn't see any of the crew but I did meet Jeremey Piven (Ari) in the UK at top Football show Soccer AM.....I have the good luck that a good friend of mine works on the show and gave me the hook up....Nutters your a top man!