Monday, 11 July 2011

Great weekend for the Beckham’s & what I got up to!

What a great weekend it turned out to be for the Beckham’s. David started it all off by scoring the winner directly from a corner kick for his LA Galaxy team in a 2-1 win against Chicago Fire. He had already set-up Landon Donavan’s opener for the Galaxy in a dominating performance, his first start a month since returning from injury! You can see the goal here Well done Sir Becks!

To cap it all off Victoria then gave birth to a baby girl finally giving them the daughter we all know they craved.....will this now be the end of the babies!? They have called her Harper Seven, is a very interesting and unusual name, but then did we expect anything else. I think the Seven must be a reference to Beck’s love for the number, however I do find it pretty strange to give it to a girl! What do you all think of the name? It’s definitely going to be a talking point I can already hear the ladies in the office discussing it! I do think that David can get away with pretty much anything though!

Big Congrats to the David, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and the rest of the Beckham’s family...JoJo etc!

On a personal note my weekend was all done in Birmingham for a v.good friend of mines stag do. Sam had a wicked stag plenty of drinking involved and paintballing to. It’s the first time I have ever done paintballing and I have to say it was quality! We went to one of Delta Force’s locations and I highly recommend them if you’re looking to do some paintballing! Also managed to meet up with my pals Curtis and Amii late night Saturday in Mechu...might post some pics later but here’s one Amii took.

Chick at the back, Leanne, me and Amii.

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