Tuesday, 23 August 2011

you know the score!!!

So me @nadstarboooom and Maria @mariafowler hit Essex again on Friday night. I actually had a meeting Friday morning in central London and then we decided I may as well stay down and go out...SHOCK! So easily tempted....although I think it was my idea ;)

Obviously went to NUBAR heres a few pics. Next week its Manchester so finally Star Life will bring you something different!!!

On another quick note its great to have the football season back! I was buzzing to watch my Spurs finally in Premier League action last night. There was something inevitable about the result though. We always play differently at Old Trafford, I don't know if its Harry passing down doubts or if the players don't believe we can win there, personally I think its Harry when I hear him speak before games at OT thats the vibe I get. We match them, as usual, then totally fall apart when they score a goal. How disappointing was it to see Welbeck left unchallenged between our 2 centre backs. Basic defending mistake! Uniteds 2nd goal was pure class though. On a Modric subject my thoughts are what they have been since he said he wanted to go...."see ya!!!" As far as I'm concerned we have Niko and he plays centre mid for Croatia and I am more than happy for him to as Spurs....at least he wants to play for us!!

Onto the weekend pics....

 Jimmy Bullard bar dancing!

V.cute couple! Will we be seeing @Mrcraigchurch on the new season of TOWIE?!?!?! 

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Maria Fowler's birthday BONANZAAAAA!!!! WOOOOOOO

So this blog is a few days late, its because this weekend has totally killed me and I have been in bed recovering!! What a weekend it was!

Once again I set off to Essex on Saturday to take part in 2 nights of celebrations for my friend Maria's birthday. For those who don't know Maria is one of the stars of the hit show, The Only Way is Essex.

The night's have already recieved plenty of press:
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2026505/TOWIE-star-Maria-Fowler-Craig-Church-celebrate-birthday-Nu-Bar-Essex.html?ito=feeds-newsxml - you can see my trainer behind Lauren Pope in the picture of her ;) haha!

http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/bizarre/3751354/Maria-Fowler-slips-out-of-her-dress-revealing-a-boob.html - absolute LEDGE picture of Maria in "Barry" mask in this one!

Saturday started with a gathering at Maria's were plenty of Vodka and Wine was consumed! We then all headed off to The King Will @kingwilliam_IV in Chigwell for dinner and of course more drinks.....and where to end up the night?! Yep you guessed correct! NuBar in Loughton @nubar_essex! Our favourite haunt!!

NuBar was BANGING!!! We had the new booth which was great, the Paps were loving Maria especially when she donned Darrens "Barry" mask and strolled outside for them all! Lots of Goose was drunk and even a bottle of Sambuca (personally I hate it!). We all had a fantastic time and Maria loved her birthday cake as well :)

Sunday was more NuBar, obvs (haha), for LoveJuice. LoveJuice was an event that started around 4pm and went on till 1am. It was a very "Marbella" type vibe. DJ Colin Francis @djcolinfrancis absolutely SMASHED it to!!! We started drinking around 5ish, went to http://www.nuovorestaurant.co.uk/ first for dinner, been a few times, very nice place and good food!....then onto NuBar for around 7pm It was RAMMED!!!!! The TOWIE crowd were out in force...Maria, Lauren Pope, Lauren Goodger, Jessica Wright and Joey Essex :)
Had an absolute blast there were loads of friends that I didn't realise were going to be out so a fun time was had by all.....after the night before it took AGES to get drunk, it was ridiculous how many shots we had to have to get there!! All in all a FANTASTIC weekend and I'm sure a birthday to remember for Growler :)

A few pics from the weekend....

Dinner at King Will.

Me @nadstarboooom, Maria @mariafowler and Miller @sm1ll3r at Maria's

My friends chick and miller look wasted haha

Maria with her bday cake :)

Paps stood at the window ALL BLOODY NIGHT!!!

My mate Dave dressing as "Essex" as he could....shame he wouldn't finish the look with a combover!
 Me with Maria's balloon
 Birthday girl!

Maria with my 2 friends Camilla @camillaclairex and Morgan @mkearnsxx18

LOVEJUICE SUNDAY!! Popey @laurenpope, Maria, Lauren @laurengoodger and Jessica @missjesswright_

Me and my mate Belv ;)

We do LOVE NuBar!!!

 Me with Maria and Popey at LoveJuice

 I will be in Manchester all Bank Holiday weekend so all you lot bored of Essex can expect something different soon!!......untill next time have fun....get beamin!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

What I got upto this weekend :) a new guide to Essex ;)

Hi guys,

So its been a while since my last post so thought I should do a little update of what I have been doing. Its Essex based so I am going to do a little guide to the places to go and stay etc!

I am totally loving Essex at the minute, to me the West End's dead....at the minute anyway!! I'm back to Essex again on the 13th August for Maria's @mariafowler birthday and hopefully will stay the 14th as well for Lovejuice...but more about that later!

First of all there are lots of the usual "budget" hotels around the Essex towns, I have been staying at the Travelodge's recently. The one in Chigwell's a GREAT location so close to the King Will and NuBar. The one at Snaresbrook is a tiny bit further out but attached to a Toby Carvery and very close to my friends so works well for me. All are about £10 in a taxi to the best places to go.

Where do I go out in Essex and what else is there to do!? Well we took a trip Bluewater on Saturday, Its SOOOO easy to get to. Turned out of our Snaresbrook hotel to a roundabout, turned right and then drove straight for about 30 mins and we was there! Its EASILY the best shopping centre I have been to, beats Lakeside and Westfields hands down! I recommend you try out the massage girls as you come out of M&S opposite Toni&Guy...well worth it! 

A great place to spend the day and have an evening meal is The King William IV in Chigwell. You will reguarly see the TOWIE crew, The Saturdays and top footballers hanging out here! Prices are reasonable for example a Burger and Fries is around £11. I always have an evening meal here. Its best to book a table, if they answer the phone ;) 02085004122. Great place to start the night with a few drinks to! @KingWilliam_IV  http://www.thekingwilliamiv.co.uk/

This weekend on Saturday I went to RS Lounge for "The Dirty Circus"..Defo worth dropping by, had a wicked crowd and London's TOP promoters Siaka and Weso are running the night! Its a great venue inside as well really well done out place!...Expect footballers, models, champagne popping and GOOOOSE!

Have to say though my FAVOURITE place in Essex is now NUBAR!! I did Sugarhut twice, including my bday, and its wicked I would still recommend anyone go and visit Mickey @micky_norcross and the team but at the moment I'm LOVING NUBAR! its just so convenient and close to my friends places and ITS BANGING every night!!!!! The atmosphere is so good everyones just out for a good time, no pretencious crap! Adam, Craig and the crew do a TOP JOB!! I Spent Friday night there and went before (I think?!) and after RS Lounge on Saturday night! Drinks are reasonable wether your buying at the bar or buying bottles to your table / booth! I highly recommend you visit NUBAR and experience it for yourself! Like I said before I'm going on August 13th and 14th to Essex and both nights, and sunday daytime, I'll be in Nubar! http://www.nubar.co.uk/  @nubar_essex (adams twitter)

A few pics from this week....

Chick and Miller @sm1ll3r my boys who I went with

me and chick NUBAR

me and Barbieeee @beautiebarie

me planking in Marias with her totally unaware ;) haha her and popey both been dun by me n chick at this now haha
Found out the pic of us plankin was in Closer mag to :)

No idea haha

me and growler @mariafowler
I picked up a NRTA ;) haha! Read an earlier blog post for more info on this!
Maria @mariafowler did a 30 min bongo set in NUBAR shes SOOOOO GOOD at it ;)
me and Cher @cherroberts02
no idea lol

THESE WERE HORRID!!!! rose tiquella or sumthing, why did we have 3 each *PUKE*

Until next time people...its been fun :)