Tuesday, 23 August 2011

you know the score!!!

So me @nadstarboooom and Maria @mariafowler hit Essex again on Friday night. I actually had a meeting Friday morning in central London and then we decided I may as well stay down and go out...SHOCK! So easily tempted....although I think it was my idea ;)

Obviously went to NUBAR heres a few pics. Next week its Manchester so finally Star Life will bring you something different!!!

On another quick note its great to have the football season back! I was buzzing to watch my Spurs finally in Premier League action last night. There was something inevitable about the result though. We always play differently at Old Trafford, I don't know if its Harry passing down doubts or if the players don't believe we can win there, personally I think its Harry when I hear him speak before games at OT thats the vibe I get. We match them, as usual, then totally fall apart when they score a goal. How disappointing was it to see Welbeck left unchallenged between our 2 centre backs. Basic defending mistake! Uniteds 2nd goal was pure class though. On a Modric subject my thoughts are what they have been since he said he wanted to go...."see ya!!!" As far as I'm concerned we have Niko and he plays centre mid for Croatia and I am more than happy for him to as Spurs....at least he wants to play for us!!

Onto the weekend pics....

 Jimmy Bullard bar dancing!

V.cute couple! Will we be seeing @Mrcraigchurch on the new season of TOWIE?!?!?! 

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