Friday, 8 July 2011 of the LOVE's of my life! :)

Back in 2005 when the rage was all Nokia I had quite a nice little phone setup. I was probably a little obsessed though! The Nokia 8800 Sirocco was my choice In 18 Carot-Gold and Black! I loved the look and feel of them, however they ALWAYS broke!! It absolutely did my head in but I loved the handset so much I didn't want anything else......But then came 2006 I had a Blackberry device for work a proper OLDSKOOL one......

.....It was pretty large the screen wasn't even in colour! It looked exactly the same as the one below but without the colour screen. Now all you people who have a BB now and have the scroll ball in the middle or the touchpad, this one had none of that! It had a scroll on the side.....Vaz (@vaz03) and Mo Samba (@mosamba) will remember, I swear we were the originators back in the day haha! The good old days with only 2 contacts on bbm! Wow how its changed hey! Anyways I was starting to realise, Hey these BB's are alright, So in 2006 I purchased a Pearl (In the pic above with the Nokias) and that was it the addition changed!!

I was caught up in the BB world straight away even with all the niggly faults (you all know what I mean) it remains my handset of choice! I will NEVER change it for an iPhone! To me there is only one choice and thats a BB!

As you can see by 2008 / 09 the addiciton had really caught on! I just HAD to have the latest model no mater what I would harass o2 until they sent me it...they always did!!! The top Pearl on the right, the blue one, is actually still my legendary "Drunk Pin" BB (if you don't know i'll explain when I see you!).

Now a days I only use 1 Blackberry at a time and I currently have one of these....The BB 9780 White. Must say I prefer the scroll ball in the middle but I am getting used to the touch pad. I rarely have issues with the new BB's since they have massively increased the base memory so thats a HUGE plus for us all!

I have held the new BB Playbook (Tablet) and had a play around with it whilst I was in the states back in May and its pretty cool. The iPad is as well. Not had enough time to really decide which is the best, the Playbook is pretty small though but does run multiple apps and has flash! Anyway Tablet pc's are not really my thing so I shall leave that to others.

But here's hoping BB's stay around for years to come!! More info can be found at

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