Monday, 11 July 2011


I’m not sure I know anyone who dislikes Nando’s. I did recently find someone who had never been but we sorted that out ASAP after I realised!! I love a good Nando’s....especially after a night out it sorts me right out! For me it’s all about 5 extra hot wings really well done with Peri Peri fries. I NEVER change what I have, I am definitely a creature of habit, although I’ve been known to have the whole free chicken once my cards been stamped up!

Nando’s also do the legendary Black card! If you haven’t heard of these holding one entitles you to FREE Nando’s, I believe for up to 5 people, at any one time...HEAVEN! I know someone who has a Nando’s black card although I won’t name names! I have tried the blag and Nando’s as yet have not given me one, but I will keep trying!!! Nando’s if your reading this please contact me asap ;) haha! Rumoured holders include David Beckham, Chipmunk and people of that kind of stature, clearly I don’t measure up here BUT I am usually pretty good at the blag so let’s see how it pans out!

Anyways I now need a Nando’s haha J PS. Guys who eat Nando’s with a knife and fork does my head it....Men should eat chicken with their hands!!

My FAV meal in the world!!!! If your wandering why there’s a newspaper there, like I said creature of habit, I always read the paper when eating Nando’s regularly being called unsociable by my mates, not that I care!!!
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