Sunday, 3 July 2011

1st Blog post!! Entourage returns to our screens THIS MONTH!!!!

My all time FAVOURITE show Entourage (HBO) returns soon with the latest, but final, season premiering on July 24th in USA on HBO. Why it's the final season I will never know, the show has a huge CULT following! I can't wait to see how they wrap the show up. It was rumoured to be only a 6 episode season (Previous seasons have been between 10-20ish eps) however they have been shooting for around 3 months so I hope its going to be at least 10!

The last day on set was last week and Adrian Grenier (Vinny Chase) posted plenty of pics on his twitter and personal website. Here is one along side Jeremy Piven (Ari) and Kevin Connolly (E).

I recently visted LA and managed to hang out at a few of the Entourage sites :) ....unfortunately didn't see any of the crew but I did meet Jeremey Piven (Ari) in the UK at top Football show Soccer AM.....I have the good luck that a good friend of mine works on the show and gave me the hook up....Nutters your a top man!

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